Massage has a natural, subtle, yet powerful effect on all the body systems as it supports the body’s own healing


Hands-on therapy that promotes wellness physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in the body


Everyone is welcome here from all walks of life as we encourage diversity and complete connection to thyself

healing touch

The power of touch is profound; touch can improve health, boost immunity, and create a sense of security

A few things you can experience…

Swedish Massage

Massage is designed to relax the entire body using long, gliding strokes to improve circulation and oxygen 

Thai Massage

Uses gentle pressure and stretching techniques to improve mobility and relax the entire mind, body, and spirit


Focuses on treatment and recovery of injuries sustained. Increase movement, relieve pain, and rehabilitate tissues


Light touch techniques that direct flow of central nervous system fluids to eliminate pain and increase immunity


Based on traditional acupuncture points and channels to balance and restore the body’s vital energy 

Spinal Touch

Focusing on the body’s natural center of gravity in order to restore balance and improve posturing, gait, and wellbeing

Benefits of Massage…

Receiving regular bodywork can have a domino effect of benefits. In addition to being relaxing and therapeutic, massage can be a powerful ally in your healthcare and wellness regimen. 

Alleviate Pain

Reduce swelling, inflammation, improve circulation, relieve migraines, relax muscles, and ease medication dependency

Boost Immunity

Circulate oxygen and nutrients, improve the condition of the skin, and stimulate the body’s natural defense systems

Increase Energy

Increase joint flexibility, release endorphins, reduce cramps or pains, help with sleep patterns, reduce stress, and depression

Lessen Anxiety

Engages the parasympathetic nervous system to ease anxiety, releases neurotransmitters, and improves cognition

Additional Services…

At The Witchy Kitten, we offer more than massage to help you manifest your best self, empowering you to transform and create harmonizing balance between mind, body, and spirit. 


Choose from a variety of aromatherapy candles or order a custom-made candle that channels your intentions


Ground and center yourself before or after your massage to increase the benefits of your hands-on therapy

Tarot Readings

Gain clarity, identify areas in need of improvement, nurture your connections, and understanding of self

Sound Healing

Using a collection of sound healing techniques, enhance the benefits to any massage by beginning with sound

From the heart, from the hara

My name is Kelsey – I have a love and passion for healing that began years ago. We all have great capacity in healing ourselves if we can unlock our truest human potential. Our own “inner physician” resides within us; we only need to go looking and truly listen to our body’s mechanisms. Integrating massage therapy into regular health and wellness regimens brings awareness through touch and soft tissue manipulation allowing you to rest easier and heal.

Schedule an appointment to begin, or continue, your journey towards happiness, health, and wellness. 

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Client Testimonials

I have difficulty finding a Massage Therapist that can do deep pressure without hurting me. I’m happy to say Kelsey is that therapist! She has an incredible way of going deep without causing any pain at all.

All I can say is, “Magic Hands!” Kelsey is a wonderful Massage Therapist who has done wonders for my shoulder pain. I combine her services with physical therapy, and it’s working splendidly!

Kelsey is very well versed in her understanding of muscle structure and the inner workings of the nervous system. I’m always rejuvenated and refreshed after our sessions. 

I appreciate that Kelsey has given me self-massaging techniques to use at home for my TMJ. Her technique is very relaxing, and she’s helped me so much with my achy, sore muscles. No more headaches!

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